Bande verre 550°C

Ref : BAV6

Tapes are obtained by weaving yarns 550°C in one or several folds. The number of warp yarns and the weft yarns determine the dimension of the tape. From 20 mm to 100 mm wide, and from 1 mm to 5 mm thick.


  • Low pressure static seals
  • Protection of piping
  • Conveyor belts for high temperature products
  • Covering electrical cables
Wide in mm

Thick 2 mm Reference

Thick 3 mm Reference

Thick 5 mm Reference

Packaging in ML
20 1BAV620/02 1BAV620/03 1BAV620/05 25
30 1BAV630/02 1BAV630/03 1BAV630/05 25
40 1BAV640/02 1BAV640/03 1BAV640/05 25
50 1BAV650/02 1BAV650/03 1BAV650/05 25
100 1BAV6100/02 1BAV6100/03 1BAV6100/05 25

Technical data sheet

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